Repertoiret for Vokal negro spirituals - 14 i alt

Søg H. (arr.) Geese - Ev'ry time I feel the spirit
Søg H. (arr.) Geese - His name so sweet
Søg H. (arr.) Geese - Let us break the bread together
Søg H. (arr.) Geese - Ride on, King Jesus
Søg H. (arr.) Geese - Swing low, sweet chariot
Søg Trad. - Jerico
Søg Trad. - Heaven (I got a robe)
Søg Trad. - Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
Søg Trad. - He's got the whole World
Søg Trad. - I want Jesus to walk with me
Søg Trad. - Lord, I just can't keep crying
Søg Trad. - Negro spirituals
Søg Trad. - Nobody knows & Honor! Honor.
Søg Trad. - Sing a Ho That I Had the Wings of a Dove